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About Us

Why Us?

GATEexperts is completely run by ex-IITians which is the first institute of such kind in Varanasi. All the faculties members are highly qualified and experienced some of them have also worked in the field of research and development. GATEexperts provides comprehensive completion of all the topics in the corresponding syllabus of an engineering branch. We give more than 500 hours of rigorous training and conceptual tutorials for all our students to understand the subject to the core and appreciate the science we are in. we give more stress on fundamental concepts as it is the key to crack any competitive exam.

Who we are?

GATEexperts is one of the pioneer educational institutions founded by the alumnus of IIT with its office/center in Varanasi, India. Our core team consists of three members which are all from IIT. GATEexperts is one of the leading institute in the field of education training engineering graduates to clear GATE to enter in to various public sectors and into IIT’s, NIT’s etc. The institute will provide classes to the engineering graduate students/candidates preparing for competitive exams to get into IIT and PSU. The institute will also serve the students/candidates by providing them classes for industrial software to prepare them for corporate jobs.

The institute plans to offer GATE classes in all the major streams of engineering which includes mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronics & telecommunication and engineering sciences. The aspirants will be trained in weekdays and weekends batches. We will be keeping short term batches for those who are reaching us in last minutes. Rigorous crash courses will be offered in the above mentioned braches of engineering. The GATEexperts will also offer courses to learn industrial software, design of engineering set-up, coding through Matlab, Abacus etc. Scholarships are provided for the excelling students to motivate others too. In the subsequent years technical lab to perform various engineering experiments with permission from proper channel will be established to acquaintance candidate with hands on experiments.

GATEexperts provides the study material and questionnaire which is prepared from the best faculty of institute. GATEexperts takes extra classes to take care of the change in syllabus of GATE which keeps students up to date. Based on the change in syllabus we change the study material too. Regular updates about the batches and programs will be updated in the website. GATEexperts website has complete details of the schedule of the batches in different engineering branches.

GATEexperts provides its students with comprehensively designed study material that gives students conceptual clarity and command over topics ensuring understanding of even the most difficult topics. It includes easy explanations, simple examples and other research-proven techniques of study material presentation. At regular intervals study material is thoroughly revised and a new set of questions are added.

We have Consistent, focused, systematic and well- coordinated course curriculum. Thoroughly revised, updated and relevant study material. Our faculties are our soul, they are highly proficient & experienced faculty members, the tireless efforts of our experts and committed faculty members helps to achieve timely completion of syllabus.