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CATIA – Design and Modelling : CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three dimensional Interactive Application. CATIA is vastly used in various industries to make 3D drawing and assembly of various machine parts. These drawing can also be export to ANSYS and other software which are compatible with CATIA. This makes designing of all the engineering marvels easy and sophisticated. CATIA has capabilities in multiple domains. The majority of users do not require all functionalities available in CATIA, which has significant cost impacts on the user or organisation.







CATIA comes with a number of workbenches which provides you the ability of working or learning in different modules or aspects of Industry. CATIA is widely used for Designing purposes specially in Aerospace sector and few other segments of industries as well. It is also used for Surfacing, Sheet Metal and other applications. Other main use of CATIA is unknown to many people & that is CNC programming, Companies like Airbus, Boeing, Alstom, GE etc uses CATIA for manufacturing purposes. You can code the parts of Aerospace mostly and get them machined on a CNC machine.













Along with the 3D design of machine parts and assembly we can do drafting also in CATIA. With these wide ranges of engineering software training an engineering will be able to inculcate a sense of being an engineer.